One Final Fall

by Red Falcon / White Lightning



This song was recorded in 2008 on my lo-fi album "Walking With Feet." I brought it to Red Falcon / White Lightning, looking at the song in a new light. So after tweaking the arrangement and experimenting with the instrumentation, the song seems to have taken on a new life of its own, while keeping the same message. Its one of the older songs in the RF/WL catalogue, but is still one of our favorites to perform live.


One Final Fall - Red Flacon / White Lightning

John Doe, lost Hope / At the brink of insanity/
Johnny Doe, took a rope/ And He strung it up in a tree/
Said this'll be my last fall/ And, I'll never go through it all... Again/

Johnny Doe tied a rope/
Round his throat then he jumped/
But the branch came crashing down atop…His head

He was dazed, and confused / When he looked up he saw an Angel/
With a saw, and a grin / Said what were you thinking kid/
It isn't your time to go / The big man told me so/

So I took this saw / And I sawed that branch/
That came crashing down Atop your head / Ah yeah

You got a chance son / To make a mark/
You got a choice son / What more could you want/

Johnny boy, listen up / You've been liven' some darkened ways/
Now I know, it gets rough / But the sun's gonna shine again/
It's not about what they say / It's how you live out your days/

What you do and what you see kid while your young and wild and free/
Be wild and free

You got a chance son / To make a mark
You got a choice son / What more could you want / What more could you want

John Doe, stood up / Took the noose up over his head
Not a word, from his mouth / As he took the angles hand
But a tear rolled down his cheek / So moved that he couldn't speak

Not a day would go by / For the rest of his life
That he wouldn't recall / That final fateful fall
Oh his final fateful fall / Oh his final fateful fall


released October 17, 2012
released 17 November 2012
Written by Jeff D. Elliott

Recorded By - Jeff D. Elliott @ TheKitty Palace, Ryan Tuer(Drums) @ Swamp Studios, Robert Eckert & JDE(Piano) @ Grace Lutheran Church

Produced & Mixed By Jeff D. Elliott

Robert Eckert -Bass, Vocals
Jeff D. Elliott - Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Piano, Harmonica




Red Falcon / White Lightning Toronto, Ontario

RF/WL. Robert Eckert and Jeff D. Elliott released their debut double album ROOTSY! ROCKY!! POWER! POPPY!! in April 2013 and now have followed up with an EP that continues their ambitious songwriting trajectory while elevating it to new heights. With new contributing bandmates Nelson Sobral, Kevin Jagger, Hugh Wilson and guest keyboardist Peter Gorman, RF/WL is proud to present INSTANT CLASSICS. ... more

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