The Waiting Game

by Red Falcon / White Lightning



Featuring the exquisite Tromboning of one Jarrad Robinson, "The Waiting Game" is a lazy affair about exactly that....the thing that's so hard to get on board with.....waiting....for anything....important.......or otherwise.


The Waiting Game - Red Falcon / White Lightning

Spent three hours waiting for you to show/
Hummin' and a hawin', lookin' out the window/
Watchin' raindrops race to the sill of the frame/
Wish to God that I had never heard of your name/
And I won't go out to get the telephone/
All the words to be exchanged are already known/
You'll explain you never meant to make me play/
The waiting game

Been sittin' on the fence 10 years somehow/
Foolishly figured you'd be here by now/
Well, some things in life happen naturally/
While others come as easy as pulling teeth/
I guess you're a stubborn habit i can't quit/
Though it's taken quite long time to admit /
I can pull you all I like, but you still remain/
A waiting game

I got the blues and then you got me/
We doubled down on a red thirteen/
All good Gamblers know when to hold'em/
Aren't they supposed to know when to up and fold 'em?
I keep holding' on to a hopeless dream

I've been waiting on something, surely never to show/
I've been procrastinating like a seasoned pro/
You know some things in life happen to repeat/
Passing by the fools walking half asleep/
And they'll claim that they were blinded by the light/
Or that they couldn't see the darkness for the night/
An excuse for every failing, it's all the same/
In the waiting game


released September 28, 2012
Written by Jeff D. Elliott

Recorded By - Jeff D. Elliott @ The Kitty Palace, The Audio Recording Academy & Mike Eckert's spare bedroom

Produced & Mixed By Jeff D. Elliott

Robert Eckert -Bass
Jeff D. Elliott - Vocals, Drums, Guitars,
Jarrad Robinson - Trombones




Red Falcon / White Lightning Toronto, Ontario

RF/WL. Robert Eckert and Jeff D. Elliott released their debut double album ROOTSY! ROCKY!! POWER! POPPY!! in April 2013 and now have followed up with an EP that continues their ambitious songwriting trajectory while elevating it to new heights. With new contributing bandmates Nelson Sobral, Kevin Jagger, Hugh Wilson and guest keyboardist Peter Gorman, RF/WL is proud to present INSTANT CLASSICS. ... more

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