You Only Live Once

by Red Falcon / White Lightning



Robert's true tale of his Grandfather's exploits at the Mitchell Ontario's Centennial celebration in 1974.


You Only Live Once - Red Falcon / White Lightning

Grandaddy told me, son, you only live once/
So go out chasing women, boy, go have yourself some fun/
'Cause before you know it you'll be old just like me/
And always telling stories 'bout the way things used to be

You only live once/ Make hay when it shines
You only live once/ So have a good time

See, at the town centennial back in 1974/
It was the kind of party, son, you've never seen before/
I was ridin' down the main street on the back of my mule/
When I got a little thirsty, thought I'd stop and get some fuel/
Well, a drunken crowd was gathered, standing outside of the bar/
So I yelled "Good folks of Mitchell won't you OPEN THAT DOOR????"/
Still ridin' on that donkey I went in and bought a round/
You should should've seen it son, we were the talk of the town!!!!/

You only live once/ Make hay when it shines
You only live once/ So have a good time

Now, I am in my twilight, wrinkles strewn across my face/
And a pair of glasses coloured rose, sunk firmly in their place/
Yeah, I remember back when you could cross a couple lines/
Before great society deemed being young was such a crime/
Nowadays it seems they laid the traps and set the stage/
For kids to end up busted, just for acting their age/
Still, I hope my little anecdote's are gettin' through to you, son/
Now go out chase some tail and drink, boy, howl at the moon!!!!

You only live once/ Make hay when it shines
You only live once/ So have a good time (x2)


released October 27, 2012
Written by Robert Eckert & Jeff D. Elliott

Recorded By - Jeff D. Elliott @ The Kitty Palace and Mike Eckert's spare bedroom(Drums).

Produced & Mixed By Jeff D. Elliott

Robert Eckert -Bass, Vocals
Jeff D. Elliott - Vocals, Drums, Banjitar, Ukelele, Harmonica




Red Falcon / White Lightning Toronto, Ontario

RF/WL. Robert Eckert and Jeff D. Elliott released their debut double album ROOTSY! ROCKY!! POWER! POPPY!! in April 2013 and now have followed up with an EP that continues their ambitious songwriting trajectory while elevating it to new heights. With new contributing bandmates Nelson Sobral, Kevin Jagger, Hugh Wilson and guest keyboardist Peter Gorman, RF/WL is proud to present INSTANT CLASSICS. ... more

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