It's Getting Hot

by Red Falcon / White Lightning



This is our little ode to the hot and sticky Southern Ontario summer in the city. Katie McBride came in an killed the horns on it.


It's Getting Hot - Red Falcon / White Lightning

Cab driver take me to the nearest bar my lips are parched/
They're dry and aching for the fall/
'Cause Summer's stickin' to my greasy bones like tar on pavement/
She burns my back, and chokes my lungs/

She's killin' shady trees, dries them out and wilts their leaves/
Heatwaves? I've endured my share, but she's aiming for despair/

I hammer nails through shingles, sweat until my body tingles/
I can't escape her burning gaze/
Summer won't leave me be, I stick to clothes and to my sheets/
Keep stumblin' through her smog and haze/

I've had it up to here, with her suffocating atmosphere/
Heatwaves? I've endured my share, but this feels like an electric chair/

'Cause it's getting hot/ Yeah, it's getting hot/
There 'aint no sign/ She's gonna stop/
It's getting hot in here/

The city staggers like a fall down drunk with bugged out eyes/
Dog tired and livin' sleep deprived/
While the sea of traffic hisses, groans, and blows it's tail pipe kisses/
Teeth gnash and slowly tempers rise/
She's a sadistic mother, pit's us up against our brothers/
She wants to watch it go to fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, cab driver take me to the nearest bar my lips are parched and
Aching for the fall to come along/
Because Summer's stickin' to our greasy bones like tar on pavement/
Burning backs, and choking' healthy lungs/

Is it time to just give in? I'm convinced we can never win/
She's got us down on our knees, begging for sweet release/



released September 7, 2012
Written by Jeff D. Elliott

Recorded By - Jeff D. Elliott @ The Kitty Palace, Ryan Tuer @ Swamp Studios(Drums)

Produced & Mixed By Jeff D. Elliott

Robert Eckert -Bass
Jeff D. Elliott - Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Tamboa
Katie McBride - Trumpets




Red Falcon / White Lightning Toronto, Ontario

RF/WL. Robert Eckert and Jeff D. Elliott released their debut double album ROOTSY! ROCKY!! POWER! POPPY!! in April 2013 and now have followed up with an EP that continues their ambitious songwriting trajectory while elevating it to new heights. With new contributing bandmates Nelson Sobral, Kevin Jagger, Hugh Wilson and guest keyboardist Peter Gorman, RF/WL is proud to present INSTANT CLASSICS. ... more

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